Buyer Beware

Illustration - beauty girl face

Illustration - beauty girl faceAuthentic professional products are primarily sold through professional channels like salons, spas and beauty supply stores. But given the enhanced performance and increasing popularity nontraditional retail sources such as grocery stores, mass department stores, or even e-commerce sites occasionally claim to offer these products.

Buyer beware!

In some instances the products may be genuine, what is referred to as diverted merchandise. This is genuine product sold by other buyers or distributors outside of the normal, approved channels to an unapproved retail source.

In many instances the products are counterfeit or have been tampered so that the re-seller can squeeze out a profit. So consider the source and be especially wary of a professional or salon brand that suddenly appears in an email or grocery store shelf.

If the product doesn’t look authentic and/or is not packaged like the images on the brand’s web site, it is most likely not the real thing.

The pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients in our products provide extraordinary performance. Independent tests of counterfeit, tampered, and/or expired products have been found to contain high levels of bacteria that can potentially harm people as they contained unsafe and/or inferior ingredients.

Loyalty means a lot.

You should reward the grooming or styling professional that introduced you to their offering of professional quality products by shopping at their salon. We all benefit from their experience using the products and need them to properly explain how the best products are different from all other brands!

Knock offs are inferior. Although many companies have tried to knock off the innovations of the products that we carry, none have come close to these performance characteristics. To really appreciate our technology breakthroughs, stick with original products.

Our products are highly recognized for reliable, consistent performance and have universal appeal and application.

Why You Should Deep Condition Your Hair

We all know that shampooing roughs up the cuticle of the hair and can lead to tangles, dry hair, and split ends if a good quality conditioner is not regularly used. We also know that a good conditioner makes it easier to run a comb or brush through our hair, but a good conditioner is also important to provide moisturize and smooth the cuticle. This will leave your hair feeling softer and with the appearance of less damage. If you shampoo your hair every day, it is best to condition one to three times each week, depending on your hair’s moisture level. If you find that your hair is greasy or oily, you may only want to go for once a week in terms of conditioning. If your hair is dry or brittle, three times per week is probably best.

But to fully repair your hair it is vital to apply a deep conditioning treatment periodically. A good deep conditioning treatment should be applied during or after a perm service to prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle or damaged. The right treatment will provide your hair with reconstructive and reparative vitamins and essential nutrients.

The stylists at Roses in Your Hair can help you understand the level of damage you may have, and can recommend the ideal deep conditioning product, process, and time necessary to restore the lustre and life of your hair.

Why Your Should Deep Condition Your Hair