Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment

A professional in-salon smoothing treatment

Chi Enviro PixToday’s fashion dictates healthy, smooth, and shiny hair. many People like smooth hair, and find it is easier to maintain. Hairstylists also find it’s easier to work with. Curly and frizzy hair requires more styling time and is more difficult to manage.

It is our pleasure to share with you one of the most advanced processes, Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment.

Chi Enviro is a safe treatment that is easy, simple, fast, and can eliminate up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more manageable. Chi Enviro is guaranteed to leave hair feeling healthier, stronger, and smoother while adding amazing shine. It is formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk, and pearl. The combining cysteine can synergize with your hair’s natural cysteine, rearranging cysteine proteins in the hair’s natural fiber. ¬†There is no bond breaking with this process… only rearranged bonds.

This process can be cured to last for up to four months using the Chi Ceramic hairstyling Iron set at 410 degrees, thus sealing and bonding hair to produce smooth, silk, strong, and shiny hair.